Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement

We welcome all God’s children into our learning family. Growing together, forming future leaders.

We ended the Spring term this year by focussing on our identity, vision and mission. The whole school community shared a Mission Day facilitated by Sister Judith from EducareM and led by the children. The children impressed everyone with their thoughts, ideas and valuable contributions. After much input, deliberation and discussion two versions of a school Mission Statement were proposed and children presented a manifesto on each. Subsequently, the whole school community, including governors, voted for their preferred statement which was then ratified by the full governing body. 

Mission Day 2023

The school worked together with Sister judith to create our new school mission

 Celebration Day 2023

Our Mission Day celebration at the end of the half-term saw the whole school come together to reflect on what our mission means to us. Each class contributed something and we all had a joyous time!

Celebration Day May 2023