Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School

How We Learn

Saint Joseph’s has a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure progression of knowledge, skills and understanding across the school. We have an enquiry-based curriculum that encourages the children to ask questions that lead to a deeper level of thinking. Challenging, thought-provoking and engaging activities are facilitated by the teacher to stimulate the children and build on their prior knowledge.

Learning is meaningful and purposeful, building progressively over time.

Our curriculum is enriched by immersive and cultural experiences that build the character of each individual child. We make certain to reflect the diversity of our local community in the opportunities that our children receive. They grow in compassion and empathy through charitable giving and awareness of events across the world. We aim for them to become independent, resilient and responsible citizens who can positively contribute to society.

Our mission is clear: Through the high-quality teaching of our ambitious curriculum, every child at Saint Joseph’s can achieve their full potential and become well-rounded individuals, ready for the next stage of their education.

Our vision for each subject area is personalised to ensure specificity.