At Saint Joseph’s, the Borough, we recognise that music is a very valuable part of our school curriculum and a subject that is greatly enjoyed by many. We want the children to understand that music plays a central role in our celebration of the Liturgical Year and our Catholic way of life. It can also play a vital role in developing the skills and attitudes that can support learning in other subjects such as early reading and early number, particularly in the Foundation Stage. These skills include; listening, the ability to concentrate, creativity, intuition, aesthetic sensitivity, perseverance, the ability to collaborate, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others. We intend to provide a first-rate Music curriculum where pupils are engaged, inspired and curious to develop a love for a range of music and different musical styles from different periods in history and from across the globe. In turn, we intend that this fosters and develops their burgeoning talent as singers and musicians, allowing them to understand the validity and importance of music in society.

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Saint Josephs Borough