At Saint Joseph’s, the Borough, we recognise young children’s interests and prior learning before planning learning opportunities. We endeavour to provide first-hand experiences which makes our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum purposeful and relevant. The EYFS team place the importance of positive relationships with children, parents and staff at the heart of what they do. As such, the curriculum, underpinned by British Values, is tailored to meet the different needs of the students and the local community, celebrating our diversity. We recognise that many families come from different backgrounds and we expose the children to high quality, classic picture books every week. These are utilised in all areas of learning, inside and outside. We believe that high quality texts and the promotion of a love of reading will give our children the highest chance of success later in life. The EYFS staff have high expectations for every pupil and provide appropriate levels of challenge and support, allowing children to achieve and exceed their potential. Through a combination of expert teaching, targeted interventions and continuous provision both inside and out, children will have the opportunity to learn collaboratively and independently. Children are encouraged to be independent in their learning, with adults facilitating as required. Throughout Reception, children will have opportunities to develop their social skills and form positive relationships with peers and adults alike. After their time in the EYFS, we want the children to be unique individuals, with positive attitudes to learning, who are happy, independent, resilient, creative and curious.

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Saint Josephs Borough