Senior Leadership Team

Francis O’Kane

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Pupil Achievement
Music Subject Leader
Catholic Life

­­Stephen Fulton

Deputy Headteacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Pupil Achievement

Kate Hannam

Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Teaching Staff

Emily Ironside

Year 6 class teacher 
RE Subject Leader

David Crowley

Year 5 class teacher
Maths Subject Leader

Katie Mison

Year 4 class teacher

Luiz Bento

Year 3 class teacher 
Computing Subject Leader
Science Subject Leader

Ranya Allali

Year 2 class teacher 
KS1 Phase Leader
Humanities Subject Leader

Rebecca Watson

Year 1 class teacher
English Subject Leader

Scott Newman

Reception class teacher
RHE Subject Leader

Carike Eksteen

Nursery class teacher  0.6
EYFS Leader
Learning Environment Leader

Lisa Hickey

Nursery class teacher  0.6

Ayse Akdogan

PPA teacher 0.8

Celia Pullicino

School Direct Trainee Y3

Support Staff

Karen Coggins

Office Manager

Dell Ahmet

Premises Officer

Mary O’Reilly

Administration Assistant
Premises Assistant

Linda McIntyre

Finance Assistant (0.2)

Chantal Ingabire

Nursery Nurse (Nursery)

Lorraine Joy

Nursery Nurse (Reception)

Anita Wilson

Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mary McMenamin

Teaching Assistant Year 4 and Midday supervisor

Maria Gabor

Teaching Assitant Year 3

Kennisha Harrison

Teaching Assitant Year 5

Julia Howell

Teaching Assistant Year 6

Nacera Lounissi

Teaching Assistant Year 2

Kathy Oliver

SEN TA and Midday Supervisor

Djanini McDaid

SSA Years 2 & 4

Joyce Williams

SSA Year 1

Genet Tesfay

SEN/EYFS support

Bimbola Owoh

SSA Years 1 & 5

Randi Rassolofo

SSA Years 1 & 2

Rebecca Burnett

SSA RYears 1 & 2

Gabriella Teagues

Midday Meals Supervisor & cleaner

Modiba Liundi

Midday Meals Supervisor

Maureen Morgan

Midday Meals Supervisor

Josephine Amoah

Midday Meals Supervisor & playtime duty support

Barbara Keane


Felicite Akouba


Karen Whilby


Ola Sule


Sub Contracted Staff

Mark Walsh

Network Manager

Kelvin Jacks

Finance advisor 0.1

Libby Gwyther

Music Specialist 0.2

Luke Waterfield

Violin instructor

Robert Occupati-Koster

Counsellor 0.1

Francesca Beard

Speech and Language Therapist 0.2

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