Mission Statement

And the child Jesus increased in wisdom, in stature, and in favour with God and men.

Such an understanding of the meaning of the life of every person born into this world offers the model for everything we do at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

We keep a safe and healthy school to which parents are happy to bring their children.

More importantly, we try to keep a feeling of love and trust and respect for all the different people who make up our family. We are a small mixed team, welcoming, joyful and relaxed; a family of faith, ready to meet each other’s needs.

The power we seek is to know the wonders of God’s world.  It is fun to discover, learn and explore.

We are all special with our own gifts and talents.  We try to bring out the best in ourselves and in everyone.  We never give up on anyone.

Our prayers as a school family help us love God’s Word and the Catholic Church.

We look beyond our school to our homes, to local people, to local schools and workplaces.  We are happy to show and to share what we ourselves love the most.

In all this we look to the future: we need help to become more independent to prepare us for whatever life will give us and ask of us.

The angel of the Lord said to Joseph:   Do not be afraid.

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